About Us

Yes! We are not plastic. In this technology era, everyone is getting to know how harm a plastic would cause to human, animals and environment. A plastic might take hundreds or even thousands of years to get break down. A plastic is literally a slow poison to our Mother Earth. It disturbs the ground water level. In a year tons and tons of plastic is dumped on to the ocean which rigorously affects the water creatures. Thousands of animals die due to the intake of plastic covers, bags, bottles and inhale the toxic content of plastic by burning it. The usage of Plastic will for sure affect our ecosystem. Usage of plastic is definitely a global problem. Many countries have imposed laws and framed policies to completely avoid plastic and make our ecosystem as normal as how it should be. With our negligence and little knowledge, we have already caused all possible dangers to our ecosystem. Now it is our duty to put an end to it.

We have to do something really very important and let’s make our next and future gen to drink clean water, eat healthy food and feel a good air. How can we do that? Late 80s and early 90s, there emerged this plastic concept which was canvassed, as convenient and easy to carry rather than a paper bag. But this convenience made our essential needs to get more polluted. Drinking a hot coffee in a plastic cup just like sipping a slow poison as a toxic content in the plastic would get mixed with our food without our knowledge. Isn’t so? So now at least this is our time to wake up with an alarm warning of “AVOID PLASTIC”. Didn’t the plastic affect our ecosystem? Aren’t we more responsible to adapt “Go-Green” concept for what we have done so far to our planet? Well! You have reached the right person for the right job.

We are here to bring a wise solution to avoid the plastic and a crystal-clear substitute for it. Complete eco-friendly products made out of natural fibers and can be recycled with zero harm to the ecosystem. Coconut shell products without disturbing its nature that came out of top-notch artistic serving bowls, ladles, etc., seed balls - a natural servant for afforestation, paper bags, cotton bags with customizable feature. For all celebrations like wedding, birthday parties, corporate events, seedballs with cotton bag as a return gift to the guests would be the best thanks giving for the nature that have given us abundant resources.