Here, in all the places, the term “we”, “our” and “us” refers to and do not include any such particular person or parties or objects or places. As per our policy, we use our client’s name, profile, pictures, testimony and feedback only for the site development and official purpose with their full consent. We thereby gained your trust of how we use your personal data, information and there is nothing to do with offensive activities.

The information you feed in to avail of our services are stored with no third party accessibility. Our clients or public personal data are stored in order to precede, upgrade, access and enhance our product and services. You can also choose not to give your personal data but then you are not eligible to use some of our services.

Like the other websites we also use cookies and some other identifiers to obtain your data or information whenever you access our website and our portal. We also obtain your information from other resources like web portal, courier or parcel or shipping services, delivery agencies in order to track our record. This will help us to give you speedy delivery whenever you choose our web portal.

Your personal information is stored in order to do all the actions that will ease your requirement whenever you make purchases, payments, and to fix errors. All your identification, passwords, and any other personal data are stored and is not disclosed to any third parties. No counter action is encouraged.

The same way, our vendor information is stored and secured for the above statements and also for legal obligations.

Our client and vendor information are stored for advertising, and their testimony is used to attract more buyers as a mode of word of mouth communication.

How safe your information would be? We save your personal information, any other information from sources by using encryption protocols and software. No unauthorized third parties, objects, software or app can counter act.