Our terms and conditions provide you a clear vision to have a long term business with us. is a complete B2B market place where we have number of manufacturers, suppliers, vendors and end customers. Here in this website and in the portal, the supplier refers to “” and the customer is referred as “receiver”, “retailer”, “client”, “customer” or “consumer”

NATURE OF BUSINESS: The supplier and Receiver shall enter into the business stating buying, procuring or receiving any biodegradable or eco-friendly products and services through portal or online or by any delivery services or ordering through phone or filling up the portal forms. The business is carried out through a proper process. Once we receive the enquires, we will send quotations, All orders are executed by following the MOQ terms as some products may require minimum order quantity to be purchased.

SCOPE OF BUSINESS: The supplier and the receiver shall come into the business contact after the order is confirmed and executed. Advance payment shall be entertained and we follow no credit policy. So the products and services cannot be delivered on credit policy. If the business is for one time, after the payment and delivery is done, there will be no personal or official contact between the supplier and receiver exist. If the business is for long time, then the supplier and receiver shall undergo contract or agreement stating all mutual consent points and policies under the contract of law stating the business duration.

PAYMENT POLICY: As stated earlier, we exchange goods and services for advance payment and no such credit policy is entertained. We also strongly state that the payment is made only on the company account. If any payment is made to the particular person personally or officially or to any third parties in the name of company, the company is not responsible for such transactions.

LOGISTICS/TRANSITION/DELIVERY POLICY: The goods and the services are transported through delivery or courier companies we associated. The products are delivered with 7 – 10 business days (excluding weekends, Government holidays, unannounced bandh or strike). When the delivery is made within the state, state to state and country to country then the particular state, both the state and both the country’s protocols are strictly followed. In certain conditions like changes in government policy such as Demonetization or any, natural calamities the delivery of products may get delayed. In the worst situations if we are unable to precede the delivery process, the money you paid in advance shall be refunded within the 45 business days without any deduction.

CONFIDENTIAL: Without prior written consent from supplier, the receiver shall not disclose any confidential information of supplier which receiver has acquired or become acquainted with, including without limitation any technical or research secrets, confidential or secret designs, processes, data, to any third parties. Receiver shall promptly return to supplier or destroy any medium that contains such confidential information upon supplier’s instructions and receiver shall not retain, copy, print, compile or in whatsoever manner dispose of such information without supplier’s written approval.

TAXATION: Some products might have tax exemption and some may come under CGST and SGST policy. So the receiver shall get the quotation including the taxes. The receiver has to pay the price of the product and services along with the taxes that the government fixed.

GRIEVANCE REDRESS: In the business course of time, if any dispute arises between the supplier and receiver, the same shall sort out mutually. In case if the dispute is unsolved, then the third party interference shall be executed through the court of law.