Biodegradable Food Packaging - Sugarcane Bagasse Products

Another precious stone to be added to the crown is none other than sugarcane bagasse products. As per United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, India is the second top country on the list having the highest sugarcane production all over the world. sugarcane bagasse is the by-product of sugarcane which is used in multi ways. When come to a plastic-free environment, the role of sugarcane bagasse bagged with many advantages. Before that, we introduce ourselves as a leading eco-friendly products entity, from the Bengaluru base. was set up in the year 2019 with the main motto of reducing and replacing single-use plastic with eco-friendly products. Though it seems to be very short to read, just imagine what if the customers or general public stopped using all the single-use plastic. Sounds big right? That is what we are heading to. Our journey also includes proper segregation of plastic simply put; the waste management system. reached almost 109 countries in recent days, all because of our non-compromising promises of completely reducing single-use plastic.

So, in the list, let’s talk about sugarcane bagasse products, their pros and cons, and how it contributes to a plastic-free society. Bagasse is a pulpy dry material that is the result of the extraction of sugarcane juice from the sugarcane. Generally, this bagasse is used as a biofuel to generate heat, electricity, and paper and pulp production. It is wise that the sugarcane industries use the sugarcane bagasse for electricity generation, and as a biofuel, as it contains 40% to 60% moisture content.

The countries like India, China, Thailand, and Argentina, bagasse is highly used in the production of paper, board, and pulp instead of wood. When come to human consumption in the context of food, well-processed bagasse can be added to food and is a soluble fibre that helps the intestines.

Sugarcane bagasse products include food containers which are widely used in food packaging industries. It comes out of boxes, trays, cups, plates, bowls, and other food packaging models. These bagasse products can tolerate heat up to only 200F. But then, handle it carefully as it cannot tolerate extremely hot temperatures and it is not recommended. Sugarcane bagasse products can easily be compostable within 60 days and the compostable is rich in potassium, calcium, and other nutrients that are good for plant growth and soil fertility. is a leading sugarcane bagasse supplier in Bangalore, India, Dubai-UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Qatar etc…