Marine Plastic Pollution – How sea animals die from the plastic ingestion? welcome up the readers with our open arms, as you will be going to read an interesting chap today. More impressive but, it is really a serious issue that the world is facing silently, under water. We, the topmost wholesale and retail supplier of plastic free products, afraid that leaving this moment, there will never be another better time to talk about it. About what? How sea animals die from the plastic waste?” Yes, my dear readers, today we are going to talk about how plastic waste thrown into the sea adversely affect the livelihood of sea creatures. Over 700 marine species discovered so far are living underwater with their own balanced ecosystem. We can also include sea birds like sea gulls, albatross and many other birds as they depend on the sea animals for their feeding. So, all these sea animals ingest plastic that affect their digestive system as it creates a block inside them.

We can call it as ocean plastic pollution as we dispose all plastic waste like food containers waste, medical waste, microplastic waste into the ocean and the survey reports that the plastic that are swirling in the ocean may outweigh the total amount of fish in the sea by the year 2050. As amnotplastic always insist about the plastic usage that we became more familiar with the plastic in the late 90s and the early 2ks, the study reports that there are 50 to 60 trillion plastic bits are in the world’s oceans. Fishes in the north Pacific Ocean ingest up to 13,000 tons of plastic every year that affect their digestive system and they are transferred to the bigger animals say whales or dolphins or sharks when they eat these little fishes. Sea birds are also no exception in such case where they feed themselves and their babies these plastic eaten fishes.

Plastic eaten sea birds found starving as that reduces their storage volume in the stomach. Though we hold sign boards saying “no Plastic” or “avoid plastic” we seldom care about the ocean plastic pollution. More number of nature lovers, environmental activists, taking tremendous effort in beach cleaning, the human evolution till now has brought up more than enough ocean filling in the form of plastic disposal in to the world’s ocean.

Amnotplastic is the hub of eco-friendly and environmentally friendly products create continuous awareness among the people and claim to avoid the plastic, the recent survey shows that it will take millions of years to dispose the plastic wastage, land and the ocean fill and the rate of daily disposal also at increasing range.

So, what are we going to do to reduce the upcoming threats to the nature? We are in the red alert mode to stop using the plastic and go with eco-friendly products.

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