Impact of single use plastic

Welcome, viewers. In the last blog, we have seen what plastic is to be avoided and what to be banned. Simply we cannot say avoid plastic. So, there arises the need to clearly understand plastic and its types. Now let’s put in brief, what are all the impacts of single-use plastic. In general, we all have the social responsibility of not littering in public places, keeping the premises clean, protecting the rivers, and saving nature. But some of us, by ignorance or negligence, just throw the waste while traveling by vehicles, walking alongside the park, hanging out with friends on the beach, littering in public places and the list goes on. That is the very sad and bitter truth.


Due to our negligence, the whole earth is now drowning in single-use plastic waste. The disposable plastic items once used are thrown away are the main reason for the landfills and make the soil unfertile. The single-use plastic is designed for its convenience, marketability, and not durability. So, the used items are the landfills and when they are not properly segregated, they are cut into microparticles that pollute the entire environment. The thrown-out plastic emits 15% of methane which is again threatening human and wildlife safety.


The recycled plastic emits hazardous gas that pollutes the air. Plastic is extracted from natural gas that causes air pollution. Oil drilling and gas drilling emit n number of contaminants that the air to an unexplainable level. Some countries’ lack of proper standards in recycling leads to threats to the workforce and contamination of the air.

Researchers estimate that over 40% of the total garbage is burned all over the world. Due to improper segregation of plastic waste, green waste, wet waste, dry waste, altogether are burnt which includes plastic burning too results in the emission of dangerous gas.


We know that our planet’s richest source of food, oil, stones, and many more is the ocean. But the world’s maximum trash is poured into the ocean only. This includes food waste, medical waste, plastic waste which affect the life of marine creatures. Marine scientists fear that the rare species of sea turtle is in the endangered stage due to the mass death of this creature because of plastic intake. The single-use plastic affects the hydrophytes and small water bodies that lead to heavy draught during the summer season.

These are not alone the impact of single-use plastic. Still more to go. To know more… follow and visit us for eco-friendly products, Distribution, and Franchise. Contact us for more info.

We shall discuss the impacts in the upcoming blogs. Stay tuned with us.

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