Impact of single use plastic on the environment

What if we recycle all the single-use plastic? Isn’t it practically possible? Absolutely not! Single-use plastic cannot be recycled as recycling requires durability. Single-use plastic lack durability and if it has to be destroyed it needs to be burnt. What will happen if the single-use plastic is burnt? They create dangerous emissions that drastically pollute the air. On the other hand, if it is littered, it creates landfills that affect the groundwater level and contaminate the soil fertility. The debris when it is not segregated properly causes indigestion, and suffocation to the animals like street animals, wildlife, and marine animals.

We see many cows and bulls eating the plastic covers from the open garbage. Many animals die every year due to plastic intake that affects their digestive system. Many marine animals mistreat plastic as their prey and intake it as food which causes them serious death. So, the total food chain is getting totally collapsed. The birds like seagulls, eagles, and albatross catch sea animals as prey and intake plastic-eaten fishes, sea turtles and thus causing the same problem in them. These birds and animals die out of starvation due to the intake of plastic that got stuck in their food track.

Plastic coated cups when used to serve hot tea or coffee are one of the reasons a cancer-causing agent for humans.

What if the single-use plastic is simply dumped in the garbage yard? Plastic reacts to heat. So, it reacts to the sunlight and emits the gases like methane and ethylene. Due to this, the planet gets hotter and thus creates the glacier’s meltdown. Global warming is one of the effects of plastic burning. Plastics are made up of fossil gas that requires gallons of oil which has to be drilled and thus causing marine pollution.

So how can we reduce the impact of consuming single-use plastic?

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